Life Skills Program

The Life Skills Program and the Literacy Volunteers of Monmouth County tutors have miraculously changed my life. I am able to manage my money better and feel more independent. I am working on getting my GED and hope to get a job. I thank God for Lunch Break and Literacy Volunteers of Monmouth County. I want to better my life and give back to my community. I hope to become a volunteer tutor someday so I can help others.” – G.C.


The goal of the Life Skills Program is to help you gain skills and training that can expand your job/career opportunities.
Our program is designed with flexibility which allows you to create your individual goals and objectives.

Services Provided:

-Resume and Cover Letters
-GED Prep Referrals
-Interview Skills
-Communication / Public Speaking Skills
-Computer Skills
-Life and Goal Planning
-Household / Personal Budgeting
-Credit and Financial Counseling
-Legal Referrals
-Immigration Referrals
-Many other basic survival skills


What you should expect from your Life Skills Coach:

-We will always treat you in a respectful manner.
-Safeguard the information you share and maintain a high degree of confidentiality
-To the best of their ability, communicate accurate and relevant information
-Not impose their personal values on participants
-Promote the welfare of participants by helping them achieve their personal goals
-Provide sincere and straightforward feedback and follow up in a timely fashion

What your coach should expect from you:

You should treat coaches in a respectful manner
-Be punctual for their appointment
-Communicate with your coach if you need to change or reschedule an appointment
-Be engaged in creating an honest and collaborative plan to achieve defined goals
-Demonstrate follow up based on agreed next steps


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the program click here.

If you have completed the information sheet and need to fill out the application click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Life Skills Coordinator, Mary Ann LaSardo at 732 747 8577 ext. 3200.